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Your WordPress website is a TICKING TIME BOMB!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012 by Tom Zulanas

Can you IMAGINE ...your WordPress web-site ...may be Ready to EXPLODE!

Ticking Time Bomb

This may be even worse, if you haven't even heard of such a thing happening to a web-site a former insurance agent, I'd ask: "What's your back-up plan IF IT HAPPENS to You, TODAY?"

Let me back-up for a moment.  You have spent a lot of hours and money in starting your business.  You have had the BIG decisions of: your Business Name; Products/Services; hours of operation; Price & Cost; location of your store/office; your target customers; if you are B2B or B2C; your operations; etc.  Then you got into the sales and marketing items; and you had decided your business NEEDED a web-site.  The process started over as you made more critical decisions here too: Domain Name - content - Blog - etc.  The web-site went LIVE ...and you're in Business!  Great Job!  All that effort is GOOD!

Somewhere along the way, you might have heard great things about: Google LIKES WordPress websites. So, you found out the WordPress website is easy to manage, includes a Blog and its pretty cheap. This might have been one of your EASIEST, Slam-Dunk, No-Brainer decisions ...Done Deal and you moved on to your next things you needed to focus on in your business.  You're thinking and moving Forward! What's there NOT to LIKE about a WordPress website?

WordPress logoNow, I have to admit, there's plenty of web-designers have focused intensively on developing Word-Press web-sites.  Some of these web-designers might be good too.  A word of caution, they may know web-design and all the cool things about WordPress - BUT - have they been one of your trusted advisors, looking at your business with some strategic knowledge and have they told you about this risk in choosing a WordPress web-site & this TIME BOMB?

Since YOU are a Smart & Saavy Business person, you are NOT distracted by all the shiny objects - the NEW bells & whistles ...this TIME BOMB is out there may be a day, a couple of weeks, months; or, may be a year away!  

IF you're Word-Press web-site EXPLODES (...your website goes down); Who are you going to Call?

Don't say: "Ghost-busters" (...I know we just had Halloween); but Really?  If your web-developer hasn't told you that this a REAL RISK to your business website ...well, you might want to start looking for a NEW and experienced web-developer.

I understand, one of your many business objectives is to manage your COSTS & keeping them as low as possible!  Same as Wal-mart, Low Costs feed more profit to your bottom line.

Whether you, or a family member designed your WordPress site.  It is now one of your business assets. You are now responsible to up-date and maintain it!  But, here's where the TIME BOMB exists are only doing the maintaining of your web-site.  WordPress is Open-Source (meaning, no-one is maintaining and checking the standards of various plug-ins - modules - the NEW things to improve your web-site) because it's an OPEN-SOURCE ...and as soon as you ADD a NEW plug-in (which doesn't really match-up with your OLD WordPress plug-ins) ...BOOM! ...your whole website MAY HAVE EXPLODED!

How can you PREVENT your Word-Press web-site from EXPLODING?

Someone said to me: "Hope and Pray" is NOT one of your options!  It's NOT one of those business strategies they teach at Harvard!  Like good engineering: Once you Identify a Problem look for good solutions.  Besides us (MediaTrik) being web professionals, we think the best course of action is to AVOID this problem.  The solution is to start looking at your alternatives - maybe, moving your web-site from WordPress to a NEW platform; you may decide this is a Great Opportunity to have a totally NEW Re-Design of your web-site (on NEW platform).  Remember, this is just your window of TIME to implement your Plan B solution - before something EXPLODES and things get messy!

This was one of our stages as our business evolved. We moved our business web-site to the AdobeAdobe Business Catalyst logo Business Catalyst platform.  In our research, Business Catalyst provides all of the functionality not only for our business, but also for our customers as well.  Katie describes it as having a whole back-end to your web-site.

What does that mean?

Beyond just what you see when you go to the web-site, the Adobe Business Catalyst platform integrates your needs into one system. The back-end is the backbone or structure of a business.  It's where everything happens.  Such as, you have: 
  • > Dashboard - allowing you to review the analytics of you web-site & quickly identify who's interacting with you, where they are coming from, what information is important to them, progress of various marketing campaigns, reminders of up-coming tasks, etc.
  • > SEO (Search Engine Optimization) want the web-site to show up on Google or Yahoo.
  • > CMS (Content Management System) - allowing you to quickly change the content fast and easily, anytime: 24/7
  • > Blog (allowing you to post your expertise about various subjects - attracting potential customers; this fresh content is what the Search Engines - Google, Yahoo, Bing love you a place to execute one of your SEO strategies & displaying your key-words)
  • > CRM (Customer Relationship Manager is the heart of any business, your customer list and tracking all of the interactions)
  • > Modules & Forms ...whether that is FAQ's, News, Photo Galleries, Events, etc.
  • > Email Marketing (why use a separate system like Constant Contact that isn't part of your web-site or tied into your CRM)
  • > Web-Apps ..this is where all of those nifty bells and whistles happen - customized programming to enhance your customer experience with the web-site; or, automating a work-flow process; or, something totally different!
  • > e-commerce could be a shopping cart, subscriptions, Paypal, etc.
The Adobe Business Catalyst platform also has the ability to customize and manage our social media marketing efforts back to the web-site.  If you're NOT on Adobe Business Catalyst: How are you capturing people going to your Facebook page - tracking your Facebook Fans - or your other profiles: Twitter, Linked-In, YouTube, etc.? ...ok, we might be a little bias.  We think it's a sound business decision that we have made; and think it's the right move for your business too.

If you think differently, Let us know.  At least now, you are now better educated and able to talk about your web-site ...which is a whole lot better than ignoring the TIME BOMB!