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Why Blog for Your Business?

Tuesday, January 03, 2012 by Tom Zulanas

As the new year (2012) starts, I'm faced with this question: WHY Blog?
Blogging has become one of the BEST ways to market your business on-line ...not that it will instantly increase your sales, or be an instant success.  It does NOT work that why.  You do it for a couple of different reasons ...because it effects you personally and professionally.

For example, just going through the Blogging process, what words to use, what message are you communicating, who is your audience, and are you REALLY informing them about something ...helps you personally, and has you starting a conversation.  Where you are posting your blog can be another one of those important decisions too - like if you are using LinkedIn (to attracted other business professionals), or ActiveRain for real estate professional (nationwide), or, Blogger or your web-site.  But again, Why Blog?
Blogging (for the most part - is a LOW COST way) marketing strategy to help promote yourself, your business, services, products - or some have used it for platforms to help them personally AND professionally.

Of course, when I started to think about this topic, I went to Google, and read a number of other posts about this topic.  I was surprised to find some background information.  Being refreshed with the origin of the word: BLOG ...actually the term is: "weblogs coined by Jorn Barger in 1997."  ...which I found at the link talking about

Other information from their blog post, I found interesting - "Such as in 1999, there were a couple thousand blogs; and NOW, there are Over 100 million."

Just thinking about that statistic, you might ask, who reads all these blogs. My answer would be, Everybody & nobody at the same time.  More importantly, Google and ALL of the other Search Engines read these blogs.  That's what you want - exposure to the search engines for your business.
A couple of other questions we get from a number of new customers: "Who writes these Blogs?"  or, "I don't have time to do a Blog; can you create one automatically?"  To be fair, YOU would write the Blog posts ...and they don't need to be too long (2, 3-4 paragraphs); and talk about something that is important to YOU!  Be Genuine, Sincere in your posts.  When people go on the Search Engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) and find a link to your blog post, these people are trying to make a connection with the author of that blog post.  Whether they agree, disagree with your blog post - You are giving them some information about You and possibly promoting your business. 
One of my friends, Chuck Blakeman use to preach at his "No Non-Sense Business Lunches" ...people want to do business with you because the LIKE You!  (and for some, they make deeper connections through the use of social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
Getting back on topic: Yes, people will want to know about your Products & Services - BUT, it is NOTt the ONLY thing that they buy from you.  We loses sight of the importance of having a Relationship with our Customers.  We don't always know what they (being our customers) are Buying - until you ASK ...and hopefully, you ASK them AFTER the sale.
One of the YouTube videos I really LIKED  about Why Blogging is Important is this link to a YouTube video - of Seth Godin & Tom Peters talking about Blogging
In our analysis, Blogging also helps out as an SEO strategy - because, you can constantly ADD new information to your web-site (with out needing a web-designer/developer) to make these additions for you.  That's what the Search Engines LOVE - New information on web-sites ...and hopefully, your blog posts will have people picking up the phone to call you - email - or even, stop by your business and want to buy something from you ...after all, through your blog, they NOW know you and want to do business with you!  How does that Sound?