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When does the 2012 Summer Olympics begin? ...did you said July 27th? Wrong!

Monday, July 23, 2012 by Tom Zulanas

The 2012 Summer Olympic Schedule is out ...and listening to NBC and the television, you might think the Olympics start on July 27th, with the Opening Ceremonies, and lighting the flame, etc.  But, here's some news: on Wednesday (July 25th), the first round of women's football (soccer) begins; with countries like: Great Britian v New Zealand; Japan v Canada; USA v France; Cameroon v Brazil; Sweden v South Africa and Columbia v DPR Korea as the first games of the 2012 Summer Olympics (in London, UK).

For a complete schedule - check out:

To answer your question: Why are we blogging about the 2012 Summer Olympics in London? It's part of an SEO and SMM strategy.  Like seasonal holidays, why not ride the tide of interest in the subject. The more important part of this strategy is: you must ADD Value to the consumer ...serving them with something they are interested in; or starting a conversation with them.  That's the behind the scenes answer to WHY. 

I'd like to ask: What's your favorite event of the Olympic games?  Also: Who do you think will WIN the Gold in that event? ...please let us know your thoughts (because, we really are interested in You!)