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Top 5 Website Mistakes of Small Businesses

Saturday, March 07, 2015 by Katie Zulanas

For most businesses, websites are their “public face” to the world.  As such, there are five mistakes you will want to avoid with respect to this powerful business tool.

1.  “Set it and Forget it”
Age-ism is alive and well in the internet world.  While older domain names might gain respect from search engines as being “more established,” the websites themselves become dated both in looks and functionality.  Don’t hesitate to “spruce up” your site design to take advantage of both newer technologies and more stylish graphics.  Newer technologies, like built-in client databases, etc., can save you time and money while enhancing sales, while graphics will give your prospective clients a great first impression.  You don’t necessarily need to rewrite your entire site, but at least consider a periodic facelift before your site suffers a fate similar to Dorian Gray.

2.  “Lone Wolf”

If you’re in business, your business is up for discussion.  If your website and marketing strategy turns a blind eye to social media, that doesn’t guarantee the social media world will turn a blind eye toward your business.  What business truly wants to be ignored?  It is to your distinct advantage to be part of that discussion, rather than just subject to it.  

While not every form of social media is a good match for every type of business--for example, we found that bankruptcy services don’t advertise well on facebook!--it has never been more important to have a website that is integrated with social media.  It is the newest advertising channel and the way for you to nurture and develop those most valuable of all leads--referrals!  

3.  “Just load it up with keywords”

A long time ago, far, far away, search engines would have web designers enter in keywords to tell what each page was about.  Soon the “trust, but verify” led search engines to drop keywords tags altogether, since they often had nothing to do with what was on the web page.  

In the never-ending quest to deliver excellent search results, search engines have now developed excellent contextual algorithms.  While it’s not exactly writing according to the famed MLA Writer’s Guide, well-formed content has never been more critical to your website ranking.  Your website should have clearly written content about subject matter that your current and prospective clients are looking to learn about according to your site analytics.

4.  “Mobile?  No one’s going to look for my site on a phone.”

Really?  That’s not what the numbers say.  While the percentages change daily, the trend is unmistakably moving from desktops to mobile devices.  Ask your website designer about “responsive-design” or “mobile-ready” design.  This will save you from having to produce a different website layout to fit each of the many different screen sizes.  

While your customers may not use their phone to interact with your website extensively, they will often be expecting to easily view your contact information, hours of operation, etc.  Chances are someone IS going to be looking for your site on their phone!

5.  “There’s an app for that.”

Apps are the new, sexy, “must-have” for businesses. Apps and their functionality, in part or whole, unlike mobile websites, reside on your mobile device.  In other words, you can use some apps (like a leveling app) without accessing the internet.  Other apps do need internet access to work, as do mobile sites.  

Apps can enhance brand loyalty, but many consumers are becoming “app weary,” and they are only likely to continue using an app that provides them some continuing benefit.  It is your job as a business owner to carefully weigh the costs and benefits of an “app” vs. a much less costly and more easily updated mobile site.  

It is our hope that you will avoid these mistakes, and have the good fortune to have a website that supports your business and its clients.  MediaTrik was founded in 2007, and it is our great pleasure to build both websites and social media marketing plans for our clients.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for help with your project!

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