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The Election is over - What's next?

Friday, November 09, 2012 by Tom Zulanas

Yes, it's hard to believe ...but, The Presidential Election is over!

American FlagsBeyond which party WON or Lost; the campaign ads have stopped - Thank God!  Billions were spent on advertising and a bunch of that advertising dollars were in On-Line ...the use of social media & mobile; promoted Tweets or Facebook posts; blogs; etc.

Now comes the BIG Question: "What's Next?"

This is America! ...(and hopefully many friends and families on the east coast quickly recover from Hurricane Sandy - our thoughts & prayers are with you all).  The NEXT BIG Thing in America is: (drum-roll please)

It's the start of the Holidays, and (since we live in America) it's back to Football; and the start of Basketball. (sorry to NHL & Hockey fans ...seems like they're still LOCKED-OUT!)

That means, for your business web-site SEO strategies and your business Social Media marketing messages should have various themes centered on any of these: Thanksgiving (holiday + sales), Black Friday (sales), Advent, Cyber Monday (sales), Free Shipping Day (sales), Super Saturday (sports + sales), Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Christmas Eve (last minute sales), Christmas (holiday + sales), New Years (holiday + sales), and Epiphany.  

Why? ...from the National Retail Federation; in 2009, the average American family was expecting to spend $682 on Holiday gifts ...and according to the American Research Group; in 2010 it was $658; and in 2011, the average family planned to spend $646 for the Holidays.  Despite the ups and downs of spending year to year, the surprise is looking at the average family budget.  Christmas gifts was budgeted 1.3% of ALL average family spending.  This is BIGGER than what the family spends for alcoholic beverages and reading materials combined (est. at $545/year).  Did you catch that?  It's because your customers will be celebrating and spending during the Holidays - ...'tis THE SEASON!

Did you get the Memo?

Santa Claus has been America's Greatest Salesman in history; and the Holidays continues to grow in size and gets longer & longer.  Just look how quickly the grocery stores changed from Halloween to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  ...but, you might be asking what should your business do during the Holiday?Santa Claus wink

One of my recommendations: Have Santa ENDORSE your business or product!  He's the perfect spokesperson during the Holidays.

Think about it; the winter holiday season last 8 to 10 weeks and having the most iconic figure showing off your product (I believe the movies & TV call it: Product Placement).  It's a GOOD Thing!

With YouTube videos - you can have Santa talk about how great your company is with your donation to a local charity.  There's so many ways to get Santa involve as a spokesperson, or just an endorsement! ...and NOW is the Perfect Time!

Another DIFFERENT Idea ...if this matches more of your personality; plus, it's perfect with the Holidays! Football! ...yes, I said FOOTBALL!!

I heard some where: "Baseball may be America's FAV past-time ...but Football is America's PASSION!  

Football during the holidays - fits hand in hand.  America can't get enough of Football. When you ask various family about their routines for Thanksgiving - Football is one of their Top 4 things they do: next to Family, Eating Turkey & DRINKING.  Plus, with the start of Basketball and the rest of the Winter Sports - Hockey, Skiing, etc.; there's a lot of people talking & watching sports.  But FOOTBALL is the MAIN Sport - just ask anyone in Denver, or New York City, Boston, Chicago, or drop in a Buffalo Wild Wings and see what's on the TV's.

They watch sporting events and celebrate together. Seriously, when I use to forecast beer sales in Chicago in the 1980's ...we had a SPIKE every time the Chicago Bears played.  The more the Bears WON - the more people celebrated and made plans for next weeks party.  Because everyone wanted to be on the WINNING TEAM. 

The reality for our business was, sales were increasing and we need to understand why and how to make sure we don't run out of beer. It seemed like someone was ADDING additional Holiday shopping days to our sales.  I couldn't believe it until we actually graphed the sales data.  The other part is true too - if the Bears LOST ...OMG - sales went down quickly.  For business - you need to be dialed in what "HOT" in your marketplace ...and that is what social media does best (real-time information; unfiltered & around the world).

It's estimated that the NFL makes between $12-$15 billions per year in revenues.  Even though you and I don't own any NFL football team, I hope you realize that FOOTBALL is it's whole separate economic engine.  Football is BIGGER than the NFL; because, it includes our college football teams, high school football teams, our son's pee-wee football teams, flag football leagues, and even fantasy football.  One of my friends told me he's been in a fantasy football league for over 15 years.

When you consider football as the reason for people hosting or having parties (tail-gate parties included) ...they have friends over; go to restaurants & bars, watch or listen at home or in their cars food - chips, brats, burgers, pizza ...drink soda (Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, 7UP) gatorade - RedBull - beer ...cheer TOUCHDOWN!!! or, yell: ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  WTF!! can start to imagine how BIG this economic engine really is; and how Passionate the FANS are of their FAV team.

Take advantage of this: TAP into the FANS for your business!

Part of it is coordinating your sales and marketing efforts: like tie in some of your blog post; or social media posts to what team You LIKE ...some of those FANS may notice you and start to LIKE you - because they share the SAME Football (or basketball, or hockey) team ...ask your Facebook Fans what is their FAV NFL team, Playoffs, BCS bowl games or Fantasy player, etc.  it's this engagement that people are attracted to, today.  Remember, your marketing efforts in order to be successful - should be focused on your customers and FANS ...because, it's ALL ABOUT THEM!

Of course, if you disagree - feel as if I've missed the mark - let me know!  i'd love to get your feedback and hear what you think!