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Top 5 Website Mistakes of Small Businesses

For most businesses, websites are their “public face” to the world.  As such, there are five mistakes you will want to avoid with respect to this powerful business tool.

1.  “Set it and Forget it”
Age-ism is alive and well in the internet world.  While older domain names might gain respect from search engines as being “more established,” the websites themselves become dated both in looks and functionality.  Don’t hesitate to “spruce up” your site design to take advantage of both newer technologies and more stylish graphics.  Newer technologies, like built-in client databases, etc., can save you time and money while enhancing sales, while graphics will give your prospective clients a great first impression.  You don’t necessarily need to rewrite your entire site, but at least consider a periodic facelift before your site suffers a fate similar to Dorian Gray.  → Read More

Mobile Ready Websites

There has been a lot of talk about Mobile Ready Websites...
Why all the talk?
As of February 2012, there were 5.9 Billion mobile devices in the world.  Think of that.  87% of the world population owns a phone.  So it makes sense that if you want to be convenient to customers, you need to think mobile.  → Read More