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Selling Salt!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 by Tom Zulanas

What has Salt to do with your business? answer is: SALES! What every business needs is SALES!

Growing up in a family beer distributorship, my Dad use to tell the whole sales team, customers, and my brothers and me over and over some meaningful jokes ...that drives home the point of SALES!  Of course, my Dad loved Salt ...and said many times - It's the Spice of Life!

There was the grocery store - let's call it Kings Foods. The owners name is Saul.  Our sales person - Steve stopped in Kings Foods to see Saul. Walking into the store, Steve noticed not 1, not 2, but 5 isles of Salt in the store. There was regular table Salt, organic Salt, course Salt, kosher Salt, garlic Salt, rock Salt, sea Salt, pepper Salt; many types of Salt.  And then Steve sees the salt grinders, shakers, containers, etc. 

Steve says to Saul: "Wow! Saul, your store is incredible!  You have 5 isles dedicated to all these different types of Salt! I never knew there was so many types of Salt. You must sell a lot of Salt!"  Saul shakes his head from side to side: "No!  But, you should see downstairs in our store-room."  ...and the two of them walk down-stairs to the store-room.

Steve notices all of the back-stock inventory for the store.  Back-stock is everything that doesn't fit on the selves - what the store needs of hot sale items, that will hold the store until the next delivery.  Steve sees the majority of the back-stock is Salt.  All of the Sale is neatly stacked from the floor to ceiling - Bags, packages, shakers of Salt; all of the different types of Salt.  Steve's mouth drops - "Saul!  This is amazing!  You must sell A LOT of SALT!"

Saul, again shakes his head again side to side: "No, I don't sell a lot of Salt! It's okay, we do sell Salt. But, the salesman the sell me salt, He Sells A LOT OF SALT!"

There are a number of business lessons here (and can be applied to ALL businesses) ...what do you think of my Top 3 business lessons:

  1. Without SALES - there is NO Business
  2. Our success is dependent on YOUR Success ...Sales people need to help SELL the product not only to another Business - but to know how that can be sold to the Consumer (B2C).
  3. Sales takes work ...getting to know your customer, developing a relationship, showing how they (your customer) makes money using your product.  Follow-up/Check-In with your customer - seeing how they are doing and what help they still need.  Remember, repeat buys from your customers are like the Goose that lays Golden Eggs (they're keepers)!
  4. (I know, this is more than 3 - but, I wanted to give you 1 more just in case)  Get Good at seeing the opportunity & SHARE your Vision ...when you SHARE your vision and passion - whether that is with your boss, co-worker, your customers - you never know who will be the one that leads you to the BIG Opportunity that makes it come True!