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DO NOT Follow Reality TV - 3 Business Practices ...It's NOT Reality for your Website

Monday, January 14, 2013 by Tom Zulanas

Reality TV has taken over.  Most ALL of the TV network broadcasts, Primetime slots are now filled by these shows.  It's the sign of the times, as America watches: Survivor, American Idol, The Bachellor/The Bachellorette, The Voice, America's Got Talent, The X Factor, The Apprentice/Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars, Sharktank, Wife Swap, The Nanny, Super-Nanny. 

TV executives have changed and decreased local and national news coverage in favor to more air time for these realty TV shows.  For instance, Oprah started out as a news caster - and has helped spring board others into bigger stars - Dr Phil, Dr Oz (just to name a few).  But even Oprah's springboard is dwarfed by the amount of air-time being devoted to Realty TV shows ...or, as Nick Cannon (host of America's Got Talent) would say: "America has spoken ..." So, here's 3 Business Tips from Realty TV for your website:

Tip #1) BOMBARD & Be EVERYWHERE for just for Buzz

You don't need to be a Rocket Scientist to watch one of these Realty TV shows to notice ...half of the time, the show itself is constantly bombarding you (the one watching) with Self-Promoting Ads (i.e. if you watch for 5 minutes, I'm sure your count will be in the double digits of the phrases: "Stay Tuned" - "Don't Miss" - or "Next") 

What does it mean?'s stems back to an OLD sales technique of being persistant: "ABC"- Always Be Closing.

Some people BUY just to get the sales person out the door; or just to shut-up.  The Realty TV show continues to self-promote the next week's show (or, scenes from last week ...and are constantly hitting you in a way brain-wash yourself to continue WATCHING.  It's like an impending car accident - if you know it's going to happen, would you want to be there to watch?  ...and then, the Show continues ADD ALL of that Drama, or a special Twist.

Talk about Brain-numbing psychology ...keep repeating the same thing over & over again ...and a certain percentage will be too lazy to change the channel.  You might even start believing some of their stuff; and it defies all rationale.  But again, it gets people talking and participating's a BUZZ that the creators are wanting ...and drive that BUZZ to their social network pages (facebook, twitter, youtube). 

Tip #2) Commercials, Commercials, Commercials's ALL About the Advertising!

Much like any other business decision, the television companies have found Reality TV costs much less than the traditional programs - making the shows MORE money.

Much like the traditional television programs (i.e. "The Cosby Show", "Simpsons", etc.)   Storytelling

In this YouTube video from 2/13/2008 - Bill Guttentag two-time Oscar winning documentary and feature film writer-producer-director.

Reality TV Business Tip #3) Use SOCIAL MEDIA - Create your Community & Engage

Have you noticed too, the networks and local stations are going BEYOND just the program ...rewarding their viewers to LIKE them on Facebook, or Follow them on Twitter ...the reward is asking and sharing their Tweets - comments or questions.  The networks are having the show stars available to ENGAGE the the show Fans on Twitter or Facebook too. 

Much like being on the internet - you WANT traffic to your website.