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Mediatrik Congratulates Colorado 2012 Olympians would like to congratulate the following Colorado athletes for qualifying to represent the US at the 2012 Olympics in London.  Their dedication and hard work is an inspiration to all! If you know of more Colorado Olympians who will be in London representing the US please let us at Mediatrik know.  → Read More

Mobile Ready Websites

There has been a lot of talk about Mobile Ready Websites...
Why all the talk?
As of February 2012, there were 5.9 Billion mobile devices in the world.  Think of that.  87% of the world population owns a phone.  So it makes sense that if you want to be convenient to customers, you need to think mobile.  → Read More

Why Blog for Your Business?

As the new year (2012) starts, I'm faced with this question: WHY Blog?
Blogging has become one of the BEST ways to market your business on-line ...not that it will instantly increase your sales, or be an instant success.  It does NOT work that why.  You do it for a couple of different reasons ...because it effects you personally and professionally.  → Read More