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Janay DeLoach adds Bronze to Colorado Olympian total medals

Colorado State graduate Janay DeLoach added to the Colorado Olympians with 2012 London Olympic medals by taking the Bronze in the long jump.  Following the competition, DeLoach was quoted, “It means the world to me. My dad served the country for 30 years and I'm serving my country in another way by representing the United States in the Olympics.” -  This adds to the medals won by Missy Franklin (Swimming 4 Gold and 1 Bronze) and Taylor Ritzel (Rowing Gold) → Read More

Colorado Olympian Golden Girls - Missy Franklin and Taylor Ritzel

Congratulations are certainly in order for Colorado Olympians Taylor Ritzel and Missy Franklin.  Missy concludes her 2012 London Olympics with two World Records, 4 Gold and 1 Bronze medals.  Not a bad start to her Olympic career as the female Michael Phelps.  Taylor Ritzel, whose grandfather was the head coach of the Denver Broncos, captured Gold in the women's eight rowing.  Please help us update the Colorado Olympians information!  → Read More

Colorado Olympian Missy Franklin - World Record in the 200 Backstroke

Colorado Olympian Missy Franklin collected here 3rd Gold medal and 4th medal overall in the 200-meter backstroke in WORLD RECORD TIME.  This tremendous accomplishment leaves her with one more chance to medal again in the London Olympics in 2012.  But by all accounts, this is just the beginning of her amazing Olympic career.  Like Michael Phelps, she could spend years mining the gold of Olympic competition and inspiring generations of Olympians to come.  Congratulations to Colorado resident Missy the Missile - GOLDEN AGAIN!  → Read More

Google buys Wildfire - The new look of SEO

Where There is Smoke There is Wildfire

In the ever-changing world of Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) every company is trying to position themselves for the next viral explosion! Check out the article below on Google's latest move, buying Wildfire. With almost 400 employees, the 4 year old Wildfire is thanking their friends and partners at Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and most especially Facebook.  Please give us a call at to help your company keep up with the latest developments.
 Google's Latest Move  → Read More

Colorado Olympian - Missy Franklin - GOLD Medal in London

We are celebrating in Colorado for Regis Jesuit High School's Gold Medal Winner - Missy Franklin. Only a few minutes after qualifying for the 200-meter freestyle final, on a history-making night Missy Franklin overcame a first lap deficit to bring home the GOLD in the women's 100-meter backstroke. With her parents watching, this time not from the nose-bleed seats, she captured the gold - and the hearts of everyone in Colorado. Go Missy!!!!! more to come! Find out more about our Colorado Olympians.   → Read More

When does the 2012 Summer Olympics begin? ...did you said July 27th? Wrong!

The 2012 Summer Olympic Schedule is out ...and listening to NBC and the television, you might think the Olympics start on July 27th, with the Opening Ceremonies, and lighting the flame, etc.  But, here's some news: on Wednesday (July 25th), the first round of women's football (soccer) begins; with countries like: Great Britian v New Zealand; Japan v Canada; USA v France; Cameroon v Brazil; Sweden v South Africa and Columbia v DPR Korea as the first games of the 2012 Summer Olympics (in London, UK).  → Read More

Science In the Olympics?

          The "Blade Runner" is what a double amputee running for South Africa has come to be known as. Oscar Pistorius had both of his legs amputated when he was only 11 months old and has gone through many tough trials to finally be able to compete in the 2012 Olympics. Many argue that this is an inspiring story of how a man could overcome such a setback both mentally and physically and actually make it to the Olympics! But as it always has been and always will be, there is another side of the argument.   → Read More