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PRISM Metadata Danger: I just made you say underwear! Update

Picture of Underwear for PRISM Metadata*Update:  We hear a lot about “big data” these days, and I am being asked, “What difference does it make if the government or a corporation can see the phone numbers people dial?” Most of us feel a bit uneasy, and the creepy feeling of being watched gets a bit stronger as we hear about these entities also having access to our internet traffic, social media activity and emails.    → Read More

DO NOT Follow Reality TV - 3 Business Practices ...It's NOT Reality for your Website

Reality TV has taken over.  Most ALL of the TV network broadcasts, Primetime slots are now filled by these shows.  It's the sign of the times, as America watches: Survivor, American Idol, The Bachellor/The Bachellorette, The Voice, America's Got Talent, The X Factor, The Apprentice/Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars, Sharktank, Wife Swap, The Nanny, Super-Nanny.   → Read More

What To-Do in Colorado for the Non-Skiers in 2013?

  • Torchlight ParadeSkiing is pretty popular in Colorado …but, if you have some NON-SKIERS, looking for FUN things To-Do in the mountains – beyond just shopping, skating, tubing, or just staying in Denver for some Spa treatments ...Here’s a list of some Great Colorado Mountain Events they may be interested in 2013 ...of course, if you snap some pics - these could be the Facebook (or any other social media platform) moments your friends will want to Share.

    • ¬ Steamboat Ice CastleDec.24, 2012-Mar.31, 2013 …in Steamboat Springs
      • ¬ 14th Annual Musicfest Jan. 5-10, 2013 …in Steamboat Springs
      • ¬ 50th Ullr Fest Jan. 6-12, 2013 …in Breckenridge
      • ¬ Ouray Ice Festival Jan. 10-13, 2013 …in Ouray
      • ¬ Winterskol Jan 10-13, 2013 …in Aspen
      • ¬ 50th Anniversary Torchlight Parade & FireworksJan. 12, 2013 …in Steamboat Springs
      • ¬ Estes Park Winter Festival Jan 18-21, 2013 …in Estes Park
      • ¬ 2nd Annual Winter Mountain Bike Race Jan 19, 2013 …at Copper Mountain
      • ¬ Budweiser International Snow Sculpture ChampionshipsJan. 22-26, 2013 …in Breckenridge
      • Snowmobiling¬ KOTO Lip SyncJan. 25, 2013 …in Telluride
      • ¬ Snowdash & Winter Carnival Jan 26-27, 2013 …in Winter Park
      • ¬ Snowdown Jan. 30-Feb. 3, 2013 …in Durango
      • ¬ Chocolate Lovers’ FlingFeb. 2, 2013 …in Telluride
      • ¬ Winterfest WeekendFeb 8-10, 2013 …in Pagosa Springs
      • ¬ Breck Mardi Gras CelebrationFeb 9-12, 2013 …in Breckenridge
      • ¬ Aspen Laff FestivalFeb. 21-23, 2013 …in Aspen
      • ¬ Pagosa Paw RaceFeb 23-24, 2013 …in Pagosa Springs
      • ¬ Leadvill Crystal Carnival -  Mar. 1-3, 2013 …in Leadville

  •   → Read More

The Art of SALES:(Part 2) Buying a Car Today

In our car buying experience, my wife and I drove up to Stevinson Toyota West and quickly met our saleman: Tony.  He's a nice, professional sales person and welcomed us as we got out of our car.  → Read More

The Art of SALES: (Part 1) Buying a Car Today

Buying a CarWith an old, run down Honda CRV having over 170,000 miles on the odometer in our driveway, my wife asked me to go take a test drive at lunch the other day.  She suggested, we should just see what type of cars and deals are out there, before we buy a car next month.  I'm still trying to figure out, how the heck did I say: "YES?"  → Read More