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Mobile Ready Websites

Monday, April 16, 2012 by Katie Zulanas

There has been a lot of talk about Mobile Ready Websites...
Why all the talk?
As of February 2012, there were 5.9 Billion mobile devices in the world.  Think of that.  87% of the world population owns a phone.  So it makes sense that if you want to be convenient to customers, you need to think mobile.

So, you say the strategy is "device responsive websites."  What does that mean??

Well, the population is aging, so having a full-screen website come up in miniature simply isn't going to gain you many fans in the mobile arena.  Initially, designers were creating a separate site for desktop, tablet and phones!  Three times the work!  Now, we are using a "device-responsive" design which will (almost magically) rearrange itself to fit on the screen of whatever device you are using.  It takes more thought, but it does reduce / eliminate the need for three separate sites!

MediaTrik now designs all its sites as "device-responsive."