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Missy Franklin is HOT (for SEO) ...and NBC is taking full advantage of it!

Monday, August 06, 2012 by Tom Zulanas

As the 2012 Summer Olympics is just past the half-way, the HOT USA athlete (so far from the London games) has been Missy Franklin.  She has won 4 gold and 1 bronze medal and a (individual) World Record.  Missy's 4 gold medals ties Amy Van Dyken's record for a US woman swimmer.

It appears that Everyone is captivated by Missy Franklin, NBC continues to publicized their various interviews last night with Bob Costas.  Bob had asked various questions about her races, being a high school student (and going back to school in another 2 weeks); Missy's use of social media (Twitter - tweeting back and forth with Justin Bieber) and surprising her with a video response from Justin; and the USA Swim Team's recent YouTube music video spoof of "Call Me, Maybe."

The NBC broadcast machine isn't through ...having Missy on again on this morning (8/6/2012) on the Today Show being interviewed by Matt Lauer; and again, later tonight's NBC Olympic coverage. 

What's not to LIKE about Missy Franklin?  ...she's a GREAT story; becoming the NEW face of USA Swimming.  We LIKE Missy too!  Don't you?

But thinking about the REAL small business lesson is from one of the interview questions:  What about your plans for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janerio?

Listening to Missy stating her plans to swim in college (instead of turning pro and accepting endorsements).  But, 2016 is 4 years away.  That would be signing her up for another 4 years of hard work - daily workout, coaching, correct diet, high level of competition/swim meets, travel, expenses, and logistics for everything.

My point is, are you doing the same for your business.  Not only working daily to make your product or service World-Class ...but, taking the time and work necessary to get you through the next 4 years like an Olympic athlete.  Thinking ahead of where the competition is today - who are the Best, Fastest, Talented ...but, what sort of changes can you start making to compete in 1 - 2 - 4 - 5 or 10 years.

Congratulations again, to Missy Franklin; and all of our USA Olympic Athletes!  Plus, our hats-off (salute) to ALL the Mom's and Dad's - husbands & wives - families - coaches - teachers - friends and everyone involved in supporting ALL of the Athletes (not only here in Colorado, all around the world) ...You're WINNERS in our Book too! 

 - Missy Franklin, the 17 year old swimming phenom from Aurora, Colorado NBC