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Happy Thanksgiving! ...and the internet may be changing our families - in a Good Way

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 by Tom Zulanas

This week is the start of the crazy - family - meals - shopping - parties - holidays in the good ole' USA. Before we get into all of the tips and thoughts ...from all of us here at MediaTrik, we want to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!  

We are so very thankful for all of the many blessings we have received - for our many customers, business associates, friends, family and the bountiful harvest, food and shelter ...we want to take this moment & day, to celebrate and give "Thanks" to the Almighty Lord.

Thanksgiving TurkeyYes, we realize it's a short week in business ...with the holiday being celebrated on Thursday; many family holiday travels begin.  Be careful out there as everyone is running to the airports, to get out of town; whether by car, bus, train, flights, or by phone - families come together to celebrate the holidays.  Plans are quickly made - who's going to Wal-mart later, what stores to hit for the Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday sales; and it hits you, the Christmas shopping season has begun. Yes, it's all GOOD too!

What IF, you can't make it Home fo the Holidays?

Even when distance is too great, or time is too short, with the help of the internet (via skype, facebook, or Google hangout), families are still connecting and sharing a new twist of those family traditions of eating together, sharing family stories & memories, telling jokes & laughs.

We know this too well, as we had our son away at college and couldn't arrange for him to be home for a Thanksgiving dinner Thanksgiving.  But we reasoned it was going to be okay, since we had family that lived close to him in Chicago.

To bridge the distance, we had skyped our son at dinner-time once a week, when he first was a freshman and out on his own.  We had a set time for dinner and he would order a take-out dinner at the same time. 

Tommy would set up his laptop across the table from him - so, we could talk as we'd eat together.  Tommy said he got this idea while watching a TV comedy.  We positioned a laptop in Tommy's place at the table, so he too could be in his usual spot at the table (as well as see us).

So, when we couldn't get together for the Thanksgiving holiday, we thought we'd be okay in doing the same thing - skype him in for the holiday!  Of course, as we had told the rest of the family, we're skyping with our son - it took on a whole different life of it's own ...since everyone else had never done something like this before.

What amazed the rest of the family was, we were connected between Denver and Chicago instantly and we were all sharing jokes and stories back and forth.

So, what does all this have to do with MY Business?

Have FUN during ThanksgivingEvery business needs sales, it's based on your customers.  Knowing your customer is one of the top marketing concepts of today.  Thinking about your customers: ...who are they? ...what do they do? ...where they live? ...what do they value and buy? ...what they do to have FUN?

You as the business owner, can tap into that knowledge - personalize their experience with your business - making it easy and enjoyable for them.

You can bring some other value to the table - like with Zappos ...and the idea of buying shoes on-line was born in 1999 by Nick Swinmum as he couldn't find some brown Airwalks at his local mall.  While we had a question late at night, my sister-in-law suggested to call Zappos for an answer to one of our quirky questions ...because, that's part of their business culture - to be of service for you - their customer.

So, when you can connect with your customers - making their lives better, easier or being in the right place at the right time, they will Buy, Buy, Buy!!

Other great tools available to you is social media.  If you know who your customers are - they may be on the various social media sites - sharing the stuff they LIKE on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.  Isn't that where you want to be too ...being able to listen and identify new customers.

Of course, you can always invite them over for the holidays too - like a Thanksgiving Turkey dinner? ...and there's (virtually) plenty of room via skype, Facebook, or Google+ and a Google Hangout.

Happy Thanksgiving!