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Google's advice for Small & BIG Business: ZMOT

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 by Tom Zulanas

zero moment of truthWhether your business is BIG or SmallBest Practices for making money in business today are constantly changing ...and Google is sharing some advice!

MediaTrik recently met with a number of local web developers, talking about SEO tips. Comparing notes on how to optimize websites, blogs, social media, etc. ...we kept coming back to Google is the King of Search.

Knowing they have created the algorithm that ranks all of the websites ...we need to play by their rules., our question then became:

What's Google's next BIG Thing for Small & BIG Business?

Google is calling it: ZMOT...which stands for: The Zero Moment Of Truth.

They explain the traditional marketing approach, that we have learned in business school (before 2010):

  • Creating a stimulus (for TV, radio, or print) for a Sale, or coupon - giving the consumer some motivation to go to store.

  • As the consumer sees the Point of Sale (POS) on the Shelf - they BUY your product.
    This is the 1st Moment of Truth - as the consumer takes Action, your product is in the Right Place, at the Right Time (while the consumer is making their Buying Decision).

  • When consumer take your product home - they have an Experience with your product
    ...and IF it meets their needs, fills their expectations
    This is the 2nd Moment of Truth ...and your business wants them to share the experience with their friends, neighbors & family. (to get some Word of Mouth/testimonial advertising).

Google and Shopper Sciences did a study, with 5,000 consumers, testing this model ...and found people are searching for MORE Information (product reviews, cost comparison, testimonials, etc.) before they ever show up at the store to make that BUYING Decision.

You can see this on Google's YouTube video: The Zero Moment of Truth

In their ZMOT study, Google found that "Average Shoppers Sources" (sources which influence consumers) have almost doubled from 2010 to 2011.  Our web developers group can confirm, today's consumers (over 50%) are moving into mobile platforms (iPads, iPhones, Android smart-phones).

Today's consumers are quickly adapting to the mobile platforms.  They receiving emails/text & searching on the go and making their Buying decisions quicker.  MORE product or service information found on the internet is saving them time & money and increasing satisfaction.

What is your business doing to stay a head of this Change, or Curve?

Google has new tools we are deploying to help our clients' products to be found, and other tools to build great google reviews.  We will provide more information regarding these tools in future posts.

In the meantime, happy "googling!"