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Google Warning: Apr 21st Deadline to Make your Website Mobile

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 by Katie Zulanas

google webmaster mobile site warningApril 21st, 2015 marks the date when the lack of a mobile site will be considered in your Google search ranking.  Google has been warning us for years that with the huge increase in usage of mobile devices, sites that are not adapted for easy use on mobile devices will be judged as not giving a "good user experience."   Customers who cannot read the tiny print or hit the tiny buttons of a full size site on their mobile device will necessarily associate this frustration with google search results.  Therefore, it is not surprising that Google will put mobile-ready sites further up on the search results page.

What Can I Do?

Fortunately, we have both short term and long term strategies at MediaTrik to help businesses "get mobile-ready" and preserve (or improve) their SEO ranking.  A "device-responsive" design means that the existing content re-organizes itself to look good and function well on anyMobile ready Site for Google Webmaster warning device.  This is the gold standard--very rarely do we use a separate "mobile-only" site.  The advantage of re-writing your site to be "device-responsive" is that you will not have to maintain two separate sites--with two separate sets of pages and two different sitemaps.  When you make an update to a page, it is updated on all views of the site--you don't have to make multiple updates to multiple copies of your site.

A complete re-write of your site structure may not yet be in your budget, so we have some lower-cost intermediate solutions.  These solutions work great, mean all your updates will be reflected on your new mobile site and will preserve your ranking until you have time for a more custom re-design.  Please contact us today to update your site and protect your ranking!    Call or text 720-635-7962 or email 


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