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Go OUT to Lunch? $1.7Billion & You're Buying!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012 by Tom Zulanas

Who EATS at home anymore? 

I mean, America spends $1.7 Billion each day going out for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Is it because of all the 2012 USA Olympic Athletes doing commercials for McDonald's?  Even though, a BIG Mac, Quarter Pounder or Egg McMuffin is not on the 2012 USA Summer Olympic team's training table menu (sorry Gabby Douglas, Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin; we know you LIKE McDonald's too; you can even ask Jay Leno or Michelle O'Bama).  Just like you and me, Olympic Athletes do need to eat.

Now that the 2012 Summer Olympics in London just ended, many restaurants like Chili's Bar & Grill are pumping out deals using social media ...and the deals may be Smokin' Deals to get you out to their place.  Let's face it, just like commercials during the NFL Superbowl, America Eats Out A Lot!

I saw this news story on Denver's 9News (KUSA) today ...but, my quick Google search found that WRBL (the local CBS station) in Columbus, Georgia got the scoop ahead of NBC (airing the report on July 28, 2012) from Consumer Reports.

It's all about How you can SAVE when you DINE OUT - offering deals on social media.  Much LIKE the Smokin'Deals from Chili's on Facebook - Bob Evans - or, Red Lobster.  It's also BAD News for various chains like Waffle House, Friendly's, Buffalo Wild Wings and Hooters social media allows the consumers to SHARE their Bad Experiences.

The Good, Bad & everything else can also be found on Twitter too.  How does this apply to your business?  Are you trying to attract customers using your social media platforms ...or are you listening to customers talk about your product or service on Twitter, or Facebook?  That's where we at MediaTrik can help be your Social Media coach.

CLICK HERE-to watch the Consumer Reports Video ...check out the original news video from CBS - (before 9News re-cut it to make it local here in Denver)