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CLIMBING to the TOP is NOT Easy - Even the 2012 US Summer Olympic team

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 by Tom Zulanas

Living in Colorado does lend itself to some things that even the 2012 Summer US Olympic team find challenging: climbing "The INCLINE." 

The Incline is definitely NOT easy and NOT for everyone..But, most of the local residents (in Colorado Springs) can look west (to the mountains) and see exactly this challenging trail - cut into the mountain.  The best thing about this story is - you and I can go climbing, run, walk or crawl the trail. Most of it is OPEN and you don't need to feel bad about how difficult it is ...because even the 2012 Summer US Olympic team struggles to accomplish the task.

Of course, I find it funny a week before ESPN decides to run this story: "Trying to survive The Incline"  (did you see ESPN's video of climbing "The Incline"?) brother, his wife and their neighbors were taking pictures and posting them on Facebook (social media) of themselves climbing "The Incline". They might have even Tweeted about it on Twitter.  We thought they're fit and trim ...but realizing, many Colorado residents go up in the mountains to hike, run, bike, fish or rock climb.  I guess, it's just like you and me - climbing out of bed, working hard all day to raise us up and over the bar every day.

Good LUCK to all of our 2012 US Summer Olympic team!  Do your Best & bring back some Gold! USA! USA!