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Cyber Monday: It's BIG now! But these Shopper are changing

Monday, November 26, 2012 by Tom Zulanas

This year, it is estimated that shoppers in 2012 will spend nearly $1.5-$1.7 Billion today, Cyber Monday.  Don't you want some of that Pie, for your small business? Delicious Pies

The BIG retailers: Wal-mart, Target, Best-Buy, Amazon, Sears, Apple, Macy's have their retail stores opening early and special sales for Thanksgiving & Black Friday.  They even have gone along with a small push to help small business - promoting the ideas of Small Business Saturday sales.  But, the evolution of On-line sales continue to increase at an amazing rate.

Shoppers are constant changing ...despite how Cyber Monday first started, (as people had a better internet connection & internet speed and the right equipment at work to Power Shop - far more superior than at their home) more and more shoppers are comparing product reviews, prices, availability, shipping options, etc. using their iPads, tablets, Droid & iPhones.  Today's shoppers are NOT waiting until they arrive at work to start Cyber Monday - it's already started on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

The successful retailers are attracting these shoppers with a unique shopping experience with exclusive deals/coupons that may have come from their social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, ) ...and driving traffic to their web-site.  They don't need to be at the mall, they can stay in their pajamas and shop on-line. The business lesson here: Small Business can do the same thing.

ABC 7News-Cyber Monday Deals 2012Offer Deals & Sales - ONLY for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday

Sometimes, it's the simplest things that people are already doing ...for you (as the small business owner) to do for your business.  My engineering friends say: "Don't re-invent the wheel!"

One of the TOP 3 reasons people on Social Media LIKE a business is - Exclusive Deals/Sales ...or FREE Stuff!  it's the INSIDER info - the VIP treatment. If they want to shop from home, and avoid the crowd at the mall - allow them to BUY from you on-line., "What are you going to offer your FAV clients?"

As they feel good about your deal/sale, or FREE stuff; you want to leverage that ...and have those customers SHARE their experience and the deal with their friends (via Social Media).  That's where your branding and marketing messages are registering today ...and the best part, you (as a small business owner / marketing managers / sales people) are the fly on the wall and listening as these Fans declare themselves (because, they are now the NEW Mayor on 4Square, Google+, Twiter, etc.).

Of course, information from this ABC 7 News story (inteviewing Andrew Lipsman - spokesperson with comScore) says on-line sales for the 2012 Thanksgiving Day increase 32% over last year (making it the FASTEST growing Shopping Day - since the increase over the last 5 years is being up 128%) & Black Friday on-line sales only increased by 26% versus last year.  So next year, the PIE you want on Thanksgiving is a BIG piece of the $13.7 billion holiday on-line spending (from this year - 2012).

That is SOME PIE!  Would you LIKE a slice of Pie?