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Creating a Social Media Schedule

Wednesday, March 04, 2015 by Katherine Kersey

Everyone wants their posts to be seen. After all, we put a ton of energy towards creating content we think is interesting and we don’t post it for nothing. It would be a shame if we could not reach our audience. Just as it's important to stick to a schedule when it comes to your business, it's also true for your social media marketing. Making a schedule of your posts going out and knowing when the best time to reach your audience is key.

Whether you're a small business or large organization, your social networking should be consistent, compelling and informative. You must be committed. People want dependable, exciting news.

As it is important to post consistent, it's also important to not post too much. The key is to strike a balance somewhere in the middle. You must develop a social networking schedule that doesn't run your life, but keeps you accountable. Develop a schedule and stick to it for at least six months. The more followers you get, the more you can grow your social networking persona.

The sample social networking agenda I found on can be used as an example for designing one that suits your schedule and the social networks you have joined.

Twice Daily in the Morning and Afternoon

  • Check Twitter via a program like HootSuite. Respond when necessary. Follow the @replies that make sense.

  • Check LinkedIn. Reply to emails and comments when appropriate.

  • Scan Twitter followers for relevant conversations to join.

  • Check your business's Facebook Page for questions and respond when necessary.

  • Scan Google Alerts for brand and company mentions. Respond as appropriate.

Weekly or on Weekends

  • Build Twitter Lists to better organize ongoing discussions and special interest groups. Set up saved searches in Hootsuite to find out if people are talking about you or your company.

  • Scan LinkedIn questions from network connections and respond when appropriate.

  • Catch up on LinkedIn discussions. Add to discussion when appropriate.

  • Send LinkedIn invitations to connect with clients when beginning a new assignment.

  • Ask for LinkedIn recommendation after successfully completing a project or engagement.

  • Add new content to Facebook like videos or photos.

  • Think of ways to repurpose this content and energy to reach a larger audience with the social networking gospel.

  • Keep an eye open for new social networking venues, tools, and functionality that will make the social networking experience more enjoyable and easier to traverse.

  • Identify new social networking influencers and build relationships where appropriate.

Through the Week

  • Mondays: Schedule tweets through HootSuite to go out three times per day at regular intervals.

  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: Join one hot trend conversation on Twitter, if appropriate, and add new content to Facebook (new items you are selling, photos, discounts and other promotions).

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: Respond to blog comments.

  • Fridays: Check traffic at your blog or website.

Of course, your daily social networking schedule will look much different, given your available time and commitments. If it’s not working, thats ok! Change it. It won't be perfect the first time. Keep making modifications until it works for you.

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