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Business Catalyst vs WordPress

Thursday, April 30, 2015 by Katie Zulanas

Jonathan H UGURUSWe are often asked why we recommend Adobe's Business Catalyst for serious businesses rather than the WordPress or Joomla or Drupal. With the help of Jonathan of UGURUS's slides we'll try to explain.

The underlying reason is based on the fact that WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are premise-based "open source."  "Open Source" means that the code that each of these platforms is based on is free and open to the public.  This allows developers to contribute to the platform and associated plug-ins.  While we love open source, in general, it does present a security issue -- since not only developers of "good will" have access, but malicious developers also have access--which is why you so often hear of these sites "getting hacked."

"Getting Hacked" is not something you ever want to deal with as a business.  It can mean anything from a shut-down site, to having  embarrassing content posted to your site or even worse, to the hijacking of your clients without them even recognizing it.

Fortunately, careful managed hosting can ensure that security measures are taken and updates are done.  Of course, this "extra cost" changes the overall economics of a "free platform!"  

Jonathan H UGURUSAn additional cost also not always considered is the impact of updates on "plug-ins."  For instance, if you have a contact form added to your WordPress site and you do an update, there is no guarantee that plug-in will continue to work.  Thank goodness, it often does.  However, when it doesn't you have an unexpected cost of fixing that problem and possible down time.  

For these reasons, Adobe's Business Catalyst platform can be a much better deal economically.  Adobe's professional hosting and their built-in tools are a great match for growing businesses.  This sort of plan is called "software as a service" or SAAS.  These means that the updates and upgrades to the base tools of your website are included in the hosting price.  Over time this is a great deal!  So our clients not only end up with secure, no-hassle professional platform, but also have the advantage of tools such as a built-in client database, email marketing, blog posting, shopping cart, and more!

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