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Analyzing your 2012 Business: The Good, Bad & Ugly of it all

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 by Tom Zulanas

In running a business, there are times (like in December) that strategic decisions are made after evaluating and analyzing the overall performance of the organization or company.

Business NumbersGoing Over the Numbers

The Questions that first pop up for the small business owner, or the head of the company: Did we make a profit?  What were the over-all 2012 Sales, 2012 Costs (aka. COGS)? Did we achieve our year-end goals? ...and then, most start looking at the details: line items such as Equipment, Payroll, Marketing, Travel, Promotions, etc.  Did these figures match our budget or projections? ...and then, the process begins again with now the monthly figures, being reviewed to understand the business seasonal sales variance; and sometimes, some number POPS out like a sore thumb - that needs to be explained or understood.

If you're NEW to running a business and haven't been through this process - I hope you have your eyes and ears open for not only the experience, but too, what this can do for your business.

It's these numbers, (combined with some other items) that will either allow you to start making better and quicker decisions, monitor your business to achieve the goals, and react to changing business climates. Some business owners may call these numbers as key-indicators - which they usually look at weekly or monthly.

But, if you are a NEW business owner and NOT into the numbers.  I hope you find someone that can fill in that void for you.  Your business is dependent on managing and adjusting.  You DO NOT want become part of the 30% of the start-up businesses that Fail within 2 years; or 49% of the businesses that Fail within 5 years.  These statistics are from a published report by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

House Painting BusinessI was having lunch the other day with a new friend, Rob.  Rob owns a painting business.  Sure, I told him about MediaTrik: "we build web-sites that make money, social media marketing, and other stuff!"

What Rob wanted to know more about, as a small business owner, its the end of the 2012 year.  He is starting to analyze his painting business.  Preparing himself for the business analysis with his accountant.  Did he make a profit in 2012?  What were the 2012 expenses? Payroll? Marketing?


What is Rob (and many small business owners) forgetting? ...the performance of their web-site.  Analyzing your business website should happen every year - like going over your numbers.  The website numbers could include - sales, traffic, # of prospects, # of blog posts, etc.  These are some of those Key-indicators that you can monitor and check monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly.  More importantly, it needs an annual review at the very minimum.

MediaTrik does this with our customers, knowing that today in business, web-sites are the front door-way for your business; for Prospects & Clients; to interact with you and your company; and create SALES!

Today's market-place in most of the metro areas - begins with people doing a Google Search (or Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on a topic, word, or phrase.  They begin the buying process by doing some research - becoming educated on the problem, or product, or service.  They may also hit the social media platforms to ask their friends and family.  Don't ignore the importance of being on social media. You want people to find you - no matter where they search - Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google+, etc.

2012 BUSINESS TIPS - top of the List on Google

Unfortunately, when I was doing my research before writing this blog post - I too went to do a Google Search on: 2012 Business Tips ...and found on the Top of the List was: "TOP 10 BUSINESS TIPS by RICHARD BRANSON" by ...sure, you know who Richard Branson is - right?  He's the british billionaire that created Virgin Airways, and now lives on an island.

However, I do not agree with Richard Branson's TOP 10 BUSINESS TIPS ...because, the majority of his tips have nothing to do in your Small Business.

Such as Tip #10) if you can swing it, work from home; Tip #9) Find some quality "you time"; Tip #8) Take a real lunch break; Tip #5) Don't be a workaholic; ...let's face it - Mr Branson is not You & You are not Mr Branson (although, you'd probably would like to be in his shoes).  I'm guessing wrote whatever works for Mr Branson & his lifestyle/image - Not Yours!

Rob asked me the question: 

What would a web-site do for my painting business?

Great Question! ...before I give an elevator speech, I want to know more about your business. How do you currently get Leads and make Sales?  Do you have a website? What does your website do; or not do?

As a professional, we are in this together - You and MediaTrik! 

Our goal at MediaTrik, is to make our clients (and their websites) successful!  We do it quick and make it easy!

Most of our websites include CMS, CRM, email campaigns, blogs, social media integration, and some SEO/keywords.  We also see if your website needs to be devise responsive (mobile), QR Codes/MS Tags, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc.  Of course, it's not free - and it's not a Word-Press blog either.  We're experience professionals.

Today, there's so much more you need in a website.  MediaTrik can get it done - taking the hassle out of you needing to learn all of the nuances and the latest & greatest in social media.  It gets back to that old phrase: It takes money to make money!  We have done it for our clients before ...we know all the tricks and can do it again for your business.

But, if you insist to do it yourself or have your young son/daughter/neighbor do it for you:  Best of luck to you and your business!

Remember, You're web-site is a business asset that can work to attract new customers, book times/dates, make sales, email & track customers, notify you of prospects too.  It's one of those items, you might want to include in your year end analysis and 2013 plans.

One other thing - Don't forget, Call us at MediaTrik if you have questions!

Back to Rob's question - what can a website do for his business? short, almost everything but paint!