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Acne Treatments and Google Inside Tours -- The Fear Factor

Friday, June 13, 2014 by Katie Zulanas

Inside Tour Google Business Views Successful Acne treatments - without antibiotics! - can change someone's world.  Finding the right provider is the first challenge.  Like any new experience, overcoming fear of the unknown is the first step.

"How do I start?  Who am I working with?  What will my experience be like?
There are so many skin care providers out there.  How do I choose the right one?"

Dorothy Carr, owner of The Face Place Colorado, uses Google Maps "Inside Tour" to let clients get a "peak inside" and get comfortable with getting started on their way to better skin care.  Being able to "envision" a solution is the first step in the process.  A virtual tour of The Face Place quickly shows an attractive, cheerful environment that welcomes clients to successful acne treatment.  

Welcome to Face Place3D technology has the advantage of increasing customer engagement.  Dorothy was aware that Google statistics show that having an "inside tour" increases engagement 20%.  This fact, in addition to knowing that 50% of local map searches result in visits in one day, makes 3D technology a good method to welcome new patients to The Face Place and get past that initial fear factor!   

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