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Care to try my EZ Pinterest experiment?

Saturday, April 07, 2018 by Tom Zulanas

pinterestBeing honest, I have avoided learning about one of the social media platforms for the past couple of years: Pinterest

You know the excuses: It's NEW! It's directed toward women! People are spending hours on it.

I was at a social media workshop with several business women. Most of them agreed: Pinterest is so addicting, they could quickly spend 3 to 5 hours a day without noticing the time.

I must have missed the boat on this one.  I had plenty of work to do on Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter & Google+.  The Social Media 101 lesson: "It's NOT about You (the business owner).  It's knowing your customer.  Knowing what they do, what other interests they have, what they do for fun, what they value.

Social Media allows you to listen to them - see what they LIKE & what they don't; understand their needs, much like new mothers may like a date night - or watch one of the latest movies while their baby taking a nap (note to theaters - have a Mommy & Baby movie show-time).

Pinterest is easy ...and very business friendly

Pinterest first attracted the creative and early adopting women (not men): these were engaged women, expecting mothers; scrapbooking mothers, aspiring cooks/chefs, fashionista's, and on and on.  The demographics were over 90% on Pinterest in 2011 were females.  There is now over 1.5 billion views per month on Pinterest in the US and it's now 79% female / 21% males. (from


Pinterest - are you Pinning or Re-Pinning?

We had just updated their website and added a Pinterest page ...and when you create a Pinterest account, they (Pinterest) require you to Follow 5 other boards/people.  Being good followers, we played along and Pinned one of the Wyland sea-life pictures: Turtles (which you can also, quickly find on Pinterest). ...and then seeing 4 to 5 people quickly start to follow us on Pinterest too.

My EZ Pinterest experiment

First thing, I needed to set up an Account on Pinterest ...have some

Pin It & Re-Pinning


Summary & Recommendation

No, it wasn't something .